Head Bumps

From time to time you may receive a text from school to say that your child has had a head bump. Your child may also come home wearing a green wristband.

Every child who has a head bump is seen by a qualfied first aider. If there are no adverse effects, a text is sent to parents/carers to tell you about the head bump and to remind you to look out for any of the following:

Confusion/Memory Loss                         Nausea /Vomiting                                 
Vision changes                                       Excessive sleepiness
Severe headache                                   Slurred speech
Restlessness/Irritability                           Dizziness                                         

 Please seek medical attention if necessary.

If your child's head bump is considered to be more serious and require prompt medical attention we will make every effort to contact you. If we are unable to do so, we will take whatever action is considered necessary as for any other injury or medical emergency.