Religious Education

Religious Education at Hartford Manor

The locally agreed syllabus is set down locally by a group called SACRE (Standing Advisory Committee for teaching of RE). SACRE sets out the RE curriculum for Community Schools and the emphasis is on Christianity, as the predominant religion in the UK and Europe. Nevertheless, an overarching aim is that children learn about the different beliefs, secular and religious, in their community and the wider world, and to respect the beliefs of others, similar or different to their own.

The teaching of RE in our school allows children to both learn about religious traditions and to reflect on what the religious ideas and concepts means to them. Our teaching is both creative and cross curricular and enables children to extend their own sense of values and promotes their spiritual growth and development. We always encourage children to think about and share their own views and values in relation to the themes and topics covered in the RE curriculum. Whenever possible the local and wider communities are used to support our teaching.

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from RE lessons and any assemblies of a religious character and should you wish to do so you must make an appointment to see the head teacher. We would expect that you provide a programme of work for your child to complete while his/her class are learning in RE and that he/she can work independently in another classroom without drawing on the attention of a teacher working with that class.  


SACRE curriculum (main religion focus) is:

Foundation Stage: Christianity

Key stage 1 (Years 1&2):   Christianity, Judaism, Humanism

Key stage 2 (Years 3&4): Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Humanism

Key stage 2 (Years 5&6): Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Humanism